Palm oil price drops by Tk 12, sugar by Tk 6

22 September 2022, 08:32 pm | Updated: 27 September 2022, 01:54 am

Palm oil price drops by Tk 12, sugar by Tk 6
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The government on Thursday reduced the price of palm oil by Taka 12 per litre to be sold at Taka 133 while the price of sugar by Taka 6 per KG at Taka 89.

Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce Tapan Kanti Ghosh said that the prices of palm oil and sugar have been reduced in the local market in line with the reduction of prices of such items in international market.

He informed that this new price structure has been fixed in consultation with the concerned stakeholders and businessmen while this new price would be made effective from Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce at a press release informed that the maximum retail price of palm oil would be Taka 133 per litre while Taka 128 per litre at the mill gates.

On the other hand, the maximum retail price of packaged sugar per KG would be Taka 89 while that of loose sugar at Taka 84 per KG.

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