BUHN selects executive committee members for 2-year

07 March 2023, 07:51 pm | Updated: 02 December 2023, 08:42 pm

BUHN selects executive committee members for 2-year

The executive committee of the Bangladesh Urban Health Network (BUHN) held a meeting on Tuesday (March 7) at the UNICEF office of Bangladesh to select its 15-member committee, who will serve for the next two years.

Md. Abul Kalam Azad, former Principal Secretary has been elected as the president of the committee, Dr. Khairul Islam, Regional Director, WaterAid and Mohammad Zahirul Islam, Health Advisor, Embassy of Sweden have been selected as vice presidents. Dr. Shamim Hayder Talukder, CEO, Eminence has been selected as Member Secretary, said a press release in the day.

The new release added that the BUHN is a platform that works for the creation, promotion, dissemination, and translation of evidence-based knowledge into policy and practice, to ensure urban health justice and justice. Its vision is to be a national think tank working for the promotion, creation, and ensure urban health justice in Bangladesh through establishing linkage with international actors and stakeholders. The project is funded by the Swedish government, and technical assistance is being given by UNICEF.

During the meeting, the executive committee discussed and reviewed the progress of BUHN's ongoing progress and initiatives, as well as the challenges faced by the organization in achieving its goals. The committee also developed strategies and plans to further enhance the impact of BUHN's work on urban health justice in Bangladesh.

"We are pleased to have selected such a distinguished and committed group of individuals to lead BUHN for the next two years," said Dr. Abul Kalam Azad, President of BUHN's executive committee. "Urban Health is a multifaceted issue. In order to be successful in our initiative, we have to work with many actors and stakeholders in the government and non-government sector"

BUHN's work is crucial in addressing the health inequities faced by urban populations in Bangladesh, and the organization remains committed to its mission of promoting and ensuring urban health justice in the country.


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