With whom we will hold dialogue: PM

13 March 2023, 09:35 pm | Updated: 30 March 2023, 11:09 pm

With whom we will hold dialogue: PM
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday clarified her stance that no dialogue will be held before the next general election, saying, “With whom we will hold the dialogue.”

Mentioning that they held dialogue before the 2018 election and the BNP gave nominations after taking money and withdrawing their candidates, she questioned “What was the result of that dialogue?”

While briefing the media about her recent official visits to Qatar, the Prime Minister said whatever we did, we did it for the welfare of the people.”

Recalling the assassination of her father, mother and brothers on August 15 in 1975 and her humiliation by Khaleda Zia when she had gone to console the BNP chairperson over the death of her younger son Koko, the premier said, “Why dialogue to be held with those who humiliated me so badly?”

The Prime Minister questioned if there is anyone who is willing to take part in dialogue with killers of his or her parents.

About measures to clear the countrymen about the motive of the BNP to make the next election questionable, she said, “Many local and international agencies have been working to make the election questionable.”

The Prime Minister said her government has made the election commission completely independent financially and institutionally and enacted a law to this end so the commission can hold a free and fair election.

Besides, voter list with photographs and transparent ballot boxes have been introduced so that none can manipulate the election, she said.

She reminded all that BNP had prepared a voter list with 1.23 crore fake voters, saying that the Awami League has established the rights of vote in the country.

The premier said they have elected a politically conscious, patriot and dutiful person as the country’s next president under whom the next election will be fair.

“We want the next election to be free and fair as we have struggled for democracy,” she said.

The Prime Minister said the Awami League government has proved that they can hold a free, fair and peaceful election by holding the local government and by-lections and none can raise questions about its objectivity. She questioned that else they had to prove in this regard.

She reiterated that if the people want to see the Awami League in power again then they will remain in power, otherwise not.

The Prime Minister said the BNP led 20-party alliance had got only 30 seats while the AL led grand alliance bagged 270 seats in 2008 election which was considered as the fairest election.

She said a vested quarter is trying to create an unstable situation ahead of the election.

The Prime Minister opined that a free, fair and impartial election is required for continuation of the stability and thus the development and progress of the country.

“Currently, there is no chance of vote rigging as we have given a voter list with pictures through introducing smart NID cards for the citizens leaving no scope to cast votes by fake voters. We wanted to vote through EVMs, but many objected. The Election Commission will use EVMs as much as possible. Voters will vote through the modern technology,” she continued.

Briefly describing her government measures for making Bangladesh a role model for development on the world stage in the last 14 years, she said the people want the Awami League in power again.

Referring to some statements made by the inhabitants of Bogura, the stronghold of the BNP, she said the people of Bogura are even saying they are in good condition during the current tenure of the AL government and the government should stay in power.

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