People in support of fair polls have nothing to fear: Peter Haas

30 May 2023, 08:20 pm | Updated: 23 September 2023, 03:01 pm

People in support of fair polls have nothing to fear: Peter Haas
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US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas on Tuesday said people who support free and fair election and work towards that end have nothing to fear regarding the new US visa policy.

“I don’t see any disagreement at all,” he told reporters, noting that they in the US want the same what the people of Bangladesh want – a free and fair election.

Ambassador Haas made the remarks while responding to questions on the new visa policy after a function in Dhaka, reports UNB.

He said the US sees positive things rather than challenges. “We have a very strong partnership on trade, security relations, people to people ties, healthcare, and good conversation on the upcoming election.”

Haas said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made a clear commitment to hold a free and fair election in Bangladesh.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in his announcement said the holding of free and fair elections is the responsibility of everyone—voters, political parties, the government, the security forces, civil society, and the media."

The ambassador spoke at the inaugural ceremony of a photo exhibition titled “Roots of Friendship: 50 Years of U.S.- Bangladesh Relations” at Edward M. Kennedy Center.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam spoke as the chief guest.

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