Awami League govt faces mass uprising as in Sri Lanka: Mosharraf

08 March 2023, 09:28 pm | Updated: 30 March 2023, 11:02 pm

Awami League govt faces mass uprising as in Sri Lanka: Mosharraf
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BNP senior leader Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain on Wednesday said there will be a mass uprising in Bangladesh like Sri Lanka as the people are fed up with the Awami League government’s failure to run the state on all fronts.

“They don't allow us to hold meetings and rallies in fear of explosions in Dhaka. I would like to say there’ll be a mass uprising today or tomorrow in the country, not an explosion as people are ready for that,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion meeting, he said people ousted a powerful dictator like Ayub Khan through a mass uprising during the Pakistan rule in the past.

“An autocratic ruler like Ershad was unseated through a popular uprising in Bangladesh. The people of this country have repeatedly forced the autocratic rulers to quit through uprisings. If Sri Lanka can, we’ll also be able to do it inshallah. That day will come to Bangladesh very soon.”

Jatiyatabadi Matshajibi Dal arranged the programme at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity, marking its 44th founding anniversary.

About the explosion in a building in Siddique Bazar in the capital, Mosharraf said people’s lives are not now safe in the country due to the failure of the government and its mismanagement.

He also slammed the ruling party leaders for what he said for their intention to shift blame onto BNP for anything bad happening in the country.

“The government has said they’ll look into whether there is any involvement of BNP in (Siddique Bazar) explosion. A religious community was attacked in Panchgarh…as a minister went to the area, the people of that community said those who came with you attacked us and set fire to our houses. But the ministers said BNP may have a hand in it,” Mosharraf said.

He said the government is least bothered about growing incidents of explosion and fire since it was not elected by the country’s people.

“These incidents of explosion and fire are happening due to the negligence and failure of this government. The religious communities are attacked due to their (govt’s) failure and, their goons and cadres are carrying out such attacks and indulging in such misdeeds. But they are trying to put the blame on others. The people of Bangladesh don't believe them," the BNP leader observed.

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