Mosharraf hints at intensifying anti-govt movement with tougher programmes

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20 May 2023, 09:12 pm | Updated: 02 December 2023, 02:39 am

Mosharraf hints at intensifying anti-govt movement with tougher programmes
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BNP senior leader Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain on Saturday hinted at announcing tougher action programmes in the days to come to remove the current Awami League government from power, and asked the party leaders and activists to take all-out preparations to make the movement a success.

Speaking at a rally in the capital, he also warned the law enforcers not to open fire on people and obstruct peaceful programmes if they want to eschew action by the future government after Awami League.

“We call upon all to get ready to take part in the greater movement and execute our tougher programmes in unison in the days to come to oust this autocratic government,” the BNP leader said.

Mosharraf, a BNP standing committee member, said the people of the country no longer want to see the current regime in power as their backs are pushed against the wall by ‘misrule’, plundering and repression.

As part of the party’s countrywide programme, BNP’s Dhaka South City unit arranged the rally on Pir Jongi Mazar Road in the city’s Kamalapur area to press home their 10-point demand, including holding the next polls under a non-party neutral government and to protest against the arrest and harassment of party leaders and activists in 'false cases'.

BNP also organised rallies in 20 other cities and districts also for registering the party’s protest against the filing of 'fictitious' cases against opposition leaders and activists, soaring prices of essentials, frequent power cuts and the ‘all-pervasive’ corruption by the Awami League government.

Mosharraf alleged that police attacked BNP’s peaceful rallies and opened fire on the party leaders and activists in Khulna on Friday and in Lalmonirhat, Rajbari and Patuakhali on Saturday.

“We would like to remind those in the administration and different law enforcement forces that are the servants of the republic…you’re supposed to serve the people. But you’re now firing on the country’s people taking a stance against them,” the BNP leader said.

He called upon the law enforcers not to carry out the unlawful orders of the Awami League government taking a stance in favour of the people.

"Many of you (law enforcers) are afraid that you’ll have to face a lot of trouble if this Awami League government is not in power. We ask that you mend yourselves now. Those of you who stand for the people from now on will be forgiven by the government that comes in the future,” Mosharraf said.

He, however, said the country’s people and their government will not forgive those law enforcers who will go against the people and fire on them and obstruct the peaceful programmes.

The BNP leader alleged the current government has snatched the people’s rights to vote by obliterating democracy to hang onto power.

He said the government has ruined the country’s economy by indulging in widespread plundering and corruption. “Awami League has put the country’s people in serious trouble by hiking the prices of essentials through its business syndicate.”

Mosharraf said there is no rule of law in the country as the government has destroyed the judiciary through politicisation.

The BNP leader said the Awami League which destroyed the economy and democracy will not be able to restore those. “So people now are eagerly waiting to see the fall of this regime. “Those who made their pockets heavier by increasing the prices of the essentials can’t control the prices of commodities.

He said it is the responsibility of the BNP to unite people and restore democracy by unseating the current autocratic regime as the party did in the past.

BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas said their party will make counterattacks if they are attacked by the ruling party.

He called upon the leaders and workers of the party to put up with resistance against the terror activities by the ruling party.

The BNP leader also slammed the law enforcers for repressing opposition leaders and activists and attacking their peaceful programmes. “Those who are firing on people should keep it in mind that you won’t have uniform all the time. Those who are attacking and killing BNP leaders and workers won’t be spared,” he warned.

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