High prices, low buyers in commodity market

28 March 2023, 09:33 pm | Updated: 05 October 2023, 08:55 am

High prices, low buyers in commodity market
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The commodity price is high so the buyers are less. Sellers say sales have fallen due to higher prices. This picture is of the capital's Malibag raw market.

On Tuesday, DhakaProkash's reporter went to the Malibagh raw market and saw that most of the vendors were sitting quietly.

A government employee came to buy chicken. He don't know what to do. Several time the shopkeeper is given a different decision. It was understood that he actually could not lower the price.

The government employee, who did not wish to reveal his name, told DhakaProkash, "The price of all types of chicken is sky high. I do not understand what to do.

Chicken shopkeeper Rahim Molla said, they have nothing to do either. Because they also buy it at a higher price.

In response to a question, Rahim Mollah said that if the price increases, it is natural that the number of buyers will decrease. The price has been increased for a long time. So I don't get customers like before.

Next to the chicken shop is Saiful Gosht Bitan. The store has a price list. It was seen there that goat meat is Tk 1100 per kg.

Next to Saiful Gosht Bitan is Taher Gosht Bitan. Here is also a price list. Only beef is sold here. It was seen from the price list that beef is being sold here for Tk 750 per kg.

Both butchers told DhakaProkash, "Sales are very low." Customers are down. As the price of everything goes up, people seem to have cut back on buying meat.'

Then going further inside the market, it was seen that everything is arranged in different ways. But the market is somehow devoid of buyers.

Raw curry shopkeeper Rahmat Ali said, he sells brinjal at Tk 80, chichinga at Tk 60, lady's finger at Tk 70 per kg, bitter gourd at Tk 80, dhundal at Tk 80, kachur lathi at Tk 90, papaya at Tk 30, sweet pumpkin at Tk 40/50, beans at Tk 60 per kg. They are selling tomato at Tk 50, carrot at Tk 50 per kg, potato at Tk 25 per kg, gourd at Tk 50/60 per kg and chillies at Tk 80 per kg.

Similarly, although the fish shops are devoid of customers, the price of fish has not decreased. The price of sand fish is also asking Tk 700 per kg. Large rui-katla is 400 to 450 taka, small Rui-Katla is 300 taka, Horn fish and Magur fish price is 600 to 800 taka per kg depending on the size, desi Horn fish and Magur fish is more than a thousand taka depending on the size. Apart from this, prawns are being sold at Tk 700 to 900 per kg.

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