ACC moves to revive graft cases against BNP leaders

13 May 2023, 01:35 pm | Updated: 05 October 2023, 07:51 am

ACC moves to revive graft cases against BNP leaders
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The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is moving to resume the cases filed against BNP's top leaders on charges of corruption.

The ACC is continuing the case against the party's chairperson Khaleda Zia and acting chairman Tariq Rahman.

Besides, the ACC has accelerated the cases of BNP leaders like Dr. Khandkar Mosharraf Hossain, Mirza Abbas, Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury, Salauddin Ahmed, Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku.

The BNP leaders alleged that the government is trying to ensnare the top leaders of the nationalist party in new ACC cases to speed up the ongoing movement and divert political views to different sectors. However, none of the BNP leaders wanted to comment directly on these cases.

According to ACC sources, the case is being resumed in the name of BNP Standing Committee member Dr. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Mirza Abbas, Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury, Salauddin Ahmed, Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku, Rasheduzzaman Millat and many BNP executive committee members and various levels of leaders and workers.

Some BNP leaders said Dhaka Prokash on condition of anonymity that they do not want to comment on these cases. But we do not give any importance to this organization (ACC), because they work under the government's instructions.

ACC Assistant Director (Public Relations) Mohammad Shafiullah said Dhaka Prokash that there are previous cases in the name of some BNP leaders. Those cases are under investigation. I can't say anything about the new case. At this time, he advised this reporter to talk to the ACC's senior officers about information of the new case.

It is reported that a secret investigation of ACC is going on in the name of some top leaders of BNP and preparation of the case is going on.

According to BNP sources, several leaders are on bail in the ACC case. However, it is not clear how many leaders of BNP are in the net of the ACC case.

It is reported that the total number of cases including ACC cases against BNP leaders and activists is 2 lakh. And the number of accused in these cases is 36 lakh. Currently, 25 thousand to 30 thousand leaders and activists are in prison.

Including the ACC case, there are still 37 cases against BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia. She is receiving treatment from home as per the government's executive order.

BNP Acting Chairman Tarek Rahman has more than half a hundred cases including ACC in his name. Although he is staying abroad.

The party's general secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has about 100 cases in his name. However, there is no case against him in ACC.

Barrister Kaiser Kamal, legal affairs secretary of BNP, said that the initiative to activate old cases against BNP leaders is being taken on purpose. Top leaders of the party are being selectively given new cases and planning is underway.

He said, At the end of last year, about 200 absentee cases were filed against BNP leaders and workers. These cases, including the ACC case, have no basis.

Barrister Kamal said, Common people say now ACC has become a BNP suppress commission. On the one hand, the police and on the other hand, the anti-corruption commission and the courts are working to suppress the BNP. Their real objective is to strangle the movement led by BNP to restore democracy. That is why they are doing whatever they want using the state machinery, he added.

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