Women's football coach Golam Rabbani Choton sends resignation letter to BFF

29 May 2023, 06:38 pm | Updated: 23 September 2023, 01:53 pm

Women's football coach Golam Rabbani Choton sends resignation letter to BFF
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The Head Coach and main architect of the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Women's Champions Bangladesh team Golam Rabbani Choton finally sent his resignation letter to Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) on Monday.

He sent the resignation letter to borh the BFF acting general secretary Imran Hossain Tushar and BFF Women's Football Committee Chairman Mahfuza Akter Kiron on Monday noon through email. Both the Tushar and Kiron confirmed that they received the email from Choton, reports UNB.

The BFF has reportedly held an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the issue.

Earlier on Friday, Choton, the most successful coach of Bangladesh women's football team, suddenly announced that he decided to quit his job of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) as the coach by May 31.

Choton himself confirmed the matter to national media on Friday (May 26), saying “Yes, I have decided to leave the responsibility of the women’s football team.”

“I am with the team until this month. I have worked tirelessly for the last seven-eight years, could not give time to family and personal life. I need rest from the physical and mental stress of one tournament after another,” he informed.

Choton said, “I don’t see any future in women’s football.” “Everyday the work pressure is increasing, accountability has to be done constantly. I have no personal life, no family.”

"Girls are also leaving football as there is no game on the field,” Choton also said.

After the announcement on Friday, Choton did not appear at the women's team practice sessions.

Later, BFF official including Mahfuza Akter Kiron talked to Choton and requested him to change his decision, but failed.

Meanwhile, three national female footballers have already retired after winning the SAFF Women's football title.

It is clear from Choton’s words that there is “uncertainty” about women's football in the country, and Choton is also worried about women’s football.

Two footballers of the national women's team--Anuching Mogini and Sajeda Khatun-- retired in last January, national forward Siraj Jahan Swapna also announced her retirement last Friday while another national footballer Ankhi Khatun left national camp recently showing presonal reason.

Some age-based footballers have also retired as there is no regular tournament in the field.

Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) has given various promises at various times but has not kept its word in the end.

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