Security provided to diplomats in Bangladesh ‘much better’ compared to many others: Shahriar Alam

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18 May 2023, 06:45 pm | Updated: 30 May 2023, 01:15 pm

Security provided to diplomats in Bangladesh ‘much better’ compared to many others: Shahriar Alam
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State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam on Thursday said the government and the law enforcement agencies are ensuring security of the foreign diplomats stationed in Dhaka in a “much better and efficient way” compared to many other countries.

“Our government and law enforcement agencies have continuously been providing the security and will continue to provide in an efficient way,” he told reporters while responding at State guesthouse Padma.

The State Minister said the government has explained much on the same issue and noted that they have a lot of work in their hands. “We have more objectives to achieve. We have explained a lot.”

The Embassy of the United States currently receives 158 security personnel including two gunmen from the Special Branch.

Of them, the Embassy, residence and other establishments receive 39 security personnel each and the total number is 117.

Thirty-nine more security personnel are deployed for other diplomats’ residence of the US Embassy, according to the government data.

However, eight additional personnel, used to receive as escort, have been withdrawn.

The British High Commission in Dhaka currently gets 29 security personnel and two gunmen while seven additional personnel, used to get as escort, have been withdrawn.

On the other hand, the High Commission of India receives 40 security personnel while the Saudi Embassy in Dhaka gets 48 security personnel.

Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen on Wednesday said the government will share information on alternative security services that the Ansar can provide for diplomatic missions in Dhaka either tomorrow or Sunday.

"We have discussed in detail about the modalities. They (Ansar) have shared information about their capabilities. We have got a kind of idea in which format we will convey to foreign missions," he told reporters after a meeting with Director General of Bangladesh Ansar and VDP Major General AKM Aminul Haque.

The foreign secretary said they will inform the missions in a note verbale on Sunday (May 21), if it is not possible by tomorrow.

Ansar battalion is ready to provide additional security protocol to envoys with immediate effect, said the Director General of Ansar.

Members of the Ansar battalion have already been engaged in such types of protocol duties in the country, including the parliament.

Earlier on Tuesday, the foreign secretary said the government will offer the services of the Ansar – a paramilitary auxiliary force – to the foreign missions in Dhaka as alternatives, as the withdrawal of “additional security escort” for four diplomats came into effect.

The Foreign Secretary held a meeting with the director general of the Ansar on Wednesday to know about the facilities they can offer and build a connection with those missions who are willing to take this service.

The Foreign Secretary said the government is aware of the responsibilities as a host country under the Vienna Convention and regular security measures for foreign missions and their personnel remain unchanged.

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